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[Inside the general store where regular items and miscellaneous stuffs gathers up (Which is not the grocery store >>), Denzel is currently searching around for nothing in particular. As he moves towards the back of the store, he hears a thump, like something being knocked over, and then a scratching sound on the floor. Curious, he makes his way towards the sound and looks behind the counter, only to find.... a puppy.

It looks up at him with curious eyes and yips out a greeting, a tiny "Hello." After petting the creature and talking to him for a bit, Denzel decides that he can't just leave the thing there.

So guess who's walking out of the store with that puppy in his arms?]

[[ooc: Feel free to catch him in the store or outside as he's going home.]]


Uhm, Cloud? Tifa? Could one of you come and pick me up?

((Pretend this happened yesterday or whenever Denzel was taken by Goroh.))


[The whole fact that he can't remember the weekend or anything isn't bothering Denzel all that heavily right now. Why? Because there is still snow on the ground to play in. And that means making a gigantic snowman. And since he's now dressed relatively warmly, the cold isn't going to be nearly as much as a nuisance.

Who cares that it's late? :I]


[There's the sound of snow crunching, and the sound of the river flowing slowy in the background. A small voice can be heard, the words come out through chattering teeth, and you'll have to perk up your ears to really hear him.]

It was house 50... right? I have to see if Cloud and Tifa are still here, or at least Zack and Ms. Aerith.

Almost there, I think. The river should lead me to the village.


[There's a squeak of a window being pushed open, and then a soft "umph" as Denzel drags himself through it, attempting to get out of the house for a while just as the sun is going up. Going to avoid creepy dad who hasn't been acting quite right this week (And is also a coffee addict so he might just be up this early), as well as the Touch Me that has come to inhabit the bathroom. Not that he doesn't like them, of course.

His foot steps fall quietly, and the journal picks up his breathing as Denzel takes a little jog through the village. He stops as he nears the fountain however, having caught sight on someone he recognizes slumped over by the edge. Time to investigate, and when he finds that it's Tifa on the ground, he panics.]

Mom? Mom!! [Anyone passing this early on will find Denzel shaking Tifa gently, and her not responding. Or he may wake you up, whichever.]

((ooc: Figuring that Tifa eventually escaped from Cloud, and then happened upon Angelus, this takes place right as the sun's going up after her fight with him. Denzel's found her unconscious by the area where they fought, and Tifa no longer looks like Scarlet.))


Locked to BeatCollapse )

Simon, I got some books from the library. Interested in hearing any stories?

[Residents of house 50 will find Denzel sitting quietly on one of their couches, a stack of books beside him as he reads.]


[Denzel's out behind house 50, taking Cloud's advice from a while back and working on his reflexes. He's tossing a tennis ball he found in the shop against a plank of wood he set up, trying to catch it as it bounces off the wall. His journal is lying face up beside the wood, picking up the steady thump of the ball, and often the sound of Denzel's voice as he leaps to catch it. At one point he trips, falling over with a soft *thump*]

Ow... darn it.


Why does it always seem like... good people are the ones who get sick, or get hurt?


[Having found a wooden sword in one of the shops nearby, Denzel has decided to go practice some of the sword moves taught to him by Cloud. He's currently in the backyard of House 50, sword grasped in one hand as he works on his swings. He can still practice even if the village is busy.]


Uhm, Rhyme? I finished your gift...

I know it's kind of late, I'm sorry it took so long. I can come drop it off, if you want it?