Denzel (midgetedger) wrote,


[Inside the general store where regular items and miscellaneous stuffs gathers up (Which is not the grocery store >>), Denzel is currently searching around for nothing in particular. As he moves towards the back of the store, he hears a thump, like something being knocked over, and then a scratching sound on the floor. Curious, he makes his way towards the sound and looks behind the counter, only to find.... a puppy.

It looks up at him with curious eyes and yips out a greeting, a tiny "Hello." After petting the creature and talking to him for a bit, Denzel decides that he can't just leave the thing there.

So guess who's walking out of the store with that puppy in his arms?]

[[ooc: Feel free to catch him in the store or outside as he's going home.]]
Tags: cloud can i keep it?, puppy
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