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28 July

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Name: Denzel
Age: 10
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Series: Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Wing Color: Blue

Unfortunately, Denzel didn't exactly have an in-depth story for his background until On the Way to a Smile: The Case of Denzel came out. We are first introduced to him at the beginning of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. He is a young boy, only about ten, who is living with Cloud, Tifa, and Marlene at the Strife Delivery Service. He has a case of Geostigma, the bruise for it appearing on his forehead. Marlene seems to be the one who cares for him if Denzel has to end up in bed. How Denzel came to live with Cloud and Tifa isn’t known, as the Advent Children movie doesn’t seem to want to tell us this. xD;

His story is actually far more extensive than the movie allows us to see. Denzel was born on the plate above Sector Seven, to his mother Chloe and a father named Abel. Until he was eight, Denzel lived a normal life, being loved by his parents and enjoying being a child. That is, until the plate above Sector Seven was dropped into the slums below by ShinRa Inc., who blamed AVALNACHE for the attack. Denzel lost both parents in the fall, his mother having stayed behind on the plate to warn their friends and neighbors, while his dad ran back to fetch his mother. Both promised the boy they'd return, but they never did.

Taken by his father's assistant, Arkham, Denzel watched the plate collapse on TV, and then watched as Arkham ran off to get Denzel's father. Arkham never returned. Lost and alone, Denzel wandered out into the edged of Midgar, eventually coming to the house of a woman named Ruby (Full name: Ruby/Ruvie Tuesti aka Reeve's mother). Ms. Ruby took Denzel in and took care of him until the fall of Meteor.

When Meteor fell and the lifestream burst burst from the planet, Ms. Ruby was killed and Denzel was left completely alone. Joining a band of other refugees, Denzel worked his way down to the slums and worked with a bunch of other orphans to help find scraps to build the city of Edge. But soon, most of the kids either died of Geostigma or wandered off. Lost in the slums and with no one to look out for him, Denzel settled to eating rats and living by himself. However, he had contracted Geostigma.

Wandering into Sector 5 one day, Denzel finds a motorcycle sitting in front of a church, and curiosity gets the better of him. Taking the phone from the vehicle, he attempts to dial Sector Seven and fails to get any response. Sadly, he scrolls through the phone and ends up dialing the one number on the missed calls list. Seventh Heaven.

Tifa Lockhart picks up, thinking the call is from Cloud, and hears Denzel's voice on the other line, as the boy breaks down in tears. Before getting anymore information though, Denzel's Geostigma acts up, and he passes out from pain. Worried, Tifa calls out to him, but receives no reply. This is when Cloud comes out and finds the boy on the ground. Getting the okay from Tifa to bring Denzel back to the bar, Cloud takes the boy on his motorcylcle and brings him home. And from there on out, Denzel lives with his new family at Seventh Heaven.

Personality wise, we don’t see TOO much of Denzel in the movie, but I believe it is safe to assume he is a fairly normal kid, other than when he was sick. He likes to play and goof around as much as any little boy does. He may be a little withdrawn and quiet, but this is most likely due to all the tragedy in his life, and he’s a nice guy in the end. If provoked, Denzel can get pretty spirited, especially if it comes to protecting those he loves. I mean, the kid calls Bahamut a son of a bitch and cracked open a fire hydrant to fend off one of Kadaj's shadow monsters. Denzel is a force to be reckoned with, even at the age of ten.

[[This is an rp journal for wildsaber at luceti. I don't own Denzel or Final Fantasy 7... I do believe they are property of Squaresoft and Eenix :D.]]

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