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[There's a squeak of a window being pushed open, and then a soft "umph" as Denzel drags himself through it, attempting to get out of the house for a while just as the sun is going up. Going to avoid creepy dad who hasn't been acting quite right this week (And is also a coffee addict so he might just be up this early), as well as the Touch Me that has come to inhabit the bathroom. Not that he doesn't like them, of course.

His foot steps fall quietly, and the journal picks up his breathing as Denzel takes a little jog through the village. He stops as he nears the fountain however, having caught sight on someone he recognizes slumped over by the edge. Time to investigate, and when he finds that it's Tifa on the ground, he panics.]

Mom? Mom!! [Anyone passing this early on will find Denzel shaking Tifa gently, and her not responding. Or he may wake you up, whichever.]

((ooc: Figuring that Tifa eventually escaped from Cloud, and then happened upon Angelus, this takes place right as the sun's going up after her fight with him. Denzel's found her unconscious by the area where they fought, and Tifa no longer looks like Scarlet.))
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