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[A slightly frustrated sound comes from Denzel, along with the rustle of fabric. Then the boy sits down heavy on his bed, sighing in annoyance. He doesn't realize this thing is recording.]
Everyone's acting funny... this is another experiment, right?

Dad, are you and Zack mad at each other? You guys keep banging around and talking really loud. Is everything okay?

[Unaffected ten year old. :|]

Feb. 11th, 2009

I don't feel very good.


[Somebody's out in the backyard enjoying the cold and making snow angels. Or at least, one perfect snow angel. He's workin' on it, ignore the failures.]
Wow, it's almost as crowded as Edge. It'd be cool to go out and meet all the new people around here... I want to know why they don't have wings like us.

But dad keeps telling us to stay in... how boring..


[Denzel's footsteps are heavy as he stumbles his way back to house 50. One hand is pressed against his side, holding it tightly to ease the pain. His body is covered with scratches and bruises, but nothing's going to stop this kid from getting home.]

A-Almost there....

Nov. 29th, 2008

Hey dad?

I know there's a lot of stuff going on right now... but do you have a minute?


.... uh oh.

Right or left this time? I gotta get home...

[[Lost. xD And yes, Kris is off hiatus~. Yay~~~]]


[There's a soft sniffling sob, followed by a few hiccups.]

M-Mom... dad...

I've missed you guys so much...


[Denzel's out in the backyard of house 50, small table set up with pieces of wood, a saw, and a hammer. He's tapping a nail into place, trying not to be too loud as he works, seeing as how his house is a little busy right now. A birdhouse is slowly taking shape as he works, as he's trying to concentrate on his project rather than anything else going on at the moment.]